7 quick takes

linking up with Jen for 7 quick takes

1.  Riding up Provo canyon is one of my most frequent rides.  Sometimes I’ll ride past Vivian park as far as South Fork park, which I tell you only to tell you that my uncle (Scott) was riding there the other day and saw a BEAR. (!!!)  A bear.  Like, he’s speeding down the road at 25+ mph, rounds a bend, and there, in the middle of the road, right in his path there was a brown bear.  And I can’t even begin to tell you how much that freaks me out.  He saw it too late to brake, and when the bear saw he wasn’t slowing down, it ran off into forest, BUT STILL.  I’ve realized lately that I’m really scared of animals.  Any kind, really, but especially that  kind of animal.  I’m not sure if I could enjoy myself on a ride up there again knowing that a bear is in the realm of possibility.

2.  The other day I was stopped at a stop sign and there was a guy walking across the street in front of me who I recognized.  Where do I know him from?  I wondered for about 5 seconds before I realized . . . he works at Little Ceasars.  Which was not my finest moment and kind of reminded me of the time the BYU Lost & Found employee said hi to me by name on campus.  Both indicate a life change is in order.

3.  Speaking of life changes, I ran into a girl I know from church at Smith’s–3 times in about 2 weeks.  Which is weird.  But probably might have something to do with the fact that I have to go to Smith’s roughly 5 times a week because I forgot an ingredient for a recipe, or we ran out of toilet paper or cheddar cheese (which is the same level of emergency around here) or I forgot I’m supposed to bring a dessert to the party, or we need swim diapers, or I just didn’t by enough food because I gave up halfway through my actual shopping trip and just bought whatever was already in my cart at the point that Camryn started freaking out that she saw strawberries and couldn’t eat them right then.  I’ve considered shopping with her blindfolded?  but I don’t think that would go over well. . .  At least I’m making progress remembering to bring my reusable bags.  Use reusable bags, people.  It just makes SO.  MUCH.  SENSE.

4.  Yesterday, I drove to Springville to bike Hobblecreek canyon.  I usually avoid driving to ride somewhere, but a construction crew recently turned State Street into a hot sticky gravelly orange barrel hell where roadbikes go to die. And the alternate route takes a lot of time that I didn’t have, so I drove.  Which I tell you only to tell you that about a block before I got back to my car–hot, tired, and sweaty, I passed some little kids at a table waving a sign that they’re selling something and also eating some sort of creamsicle/ citrusy popsicle and I WANTED ONE!  so I got to my car, backtracked a block and it turned out that they were not in fact selling frozen creamsicle/citrusy goodness.  They were, in fact,  selling lukewarm lemonade while eating delicious popsicles, which was sorely disappointing and someone should teach those girls a little something about false advertising and human decency.

5.  I need to start learning to say no and that I can’t do everything I want to do because there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

6.  Why does winter seem to always last an eternity, but then summer just flies right on by?

7. Kiddie pool with the neighbors today.  It’s hot!

and that tan line is just getting worse by the day. . .



happy friday everyone


3 thoughts on “7 quick takes

  1. Christine Bramhall says:

    Hi Dana

    So I see these pictures here with Camryn in this pool and it reminds me that she likes to poop in the tub, so how is the pool any different – seems like you’re pretty confident seeing as how you’re sitting in there with her.


  2. Ha ha I love your mom’s comment. Also, I’m happy to see that Camryn is STILL fitting into her swim suit! Also, you are a beautiful mama!

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