bloggity blogging

I get excited from really dorky things sometimes like just starting to write without any sort of plan and seeing what happens.  So!  here I go, bloggity blogging away.

I just got home from a bike ride to Vivian park (1st parenthesis tangent of probably too many:  they are building a bridal veil falls snack bar.  what??  I feel so wrong about that.)  and Tanner just left for class, and Camryn just went down for a nap.  This never happens because without fail, no matter what time of day, Camryn takes her naps right exactly during the 2 hours out of 24 that Tanner is going to watch her while I bike ride.  Like, falls asleep right before he walks in the door and wakes up as he leaves, which is so mind blowingly unfair that I can’t handle it sometimes and is exhausting because she needs the most attention right when I most need a break.  Anyway, today she finally did things right, played with dad for 2 hours and was exhausted when I got back (with a spongebob youtube left on the laptop, pretzels and sticky popsicle wrappers all over the house, and a very messy bed.  dad is so much more fun than mom)

so!  it was time to raid the fridge for fajita leftovers.  (what’s better than awesome leftovers? leftovers from the in-laws house that you didn’t even have to cook for yourself in the first place) and at first I couldn’t find them and Tanner was gooooing to die if he had eaten them all without saving me some.  Tanner, if you’re reading and you were feeling some strange really awful energy vibes coming at you from somewhere in the universe during pathophysiology class,  that was me and I’m sorry.  I found them and I take back all the awful things I thought about you.

Yesterday at the Staples household, we had a family dinner to meet my in-laws new in-laws (the funnest of all party scenarios!)  but really, I take back my sarcasm, it was fun.  and I inherited two awesome high quality hand-me-up pencil skirts from my little sister-in-law.  In what world and I skinnier than Anne Staples???  Biking does a lot of things to my body that I don’t like (really dorky tan lines, having to pee 3 times in the last 30 minutes if you had to know, being sore always) but being able to inherit Anne’s clothing isn’t one of them!  They’ll probably only fit me until about 3 days after I stop training for LOTOJA, but we’ll love this while we can.  Thanks anne!

and guess what guess what guess what? Tanner is almost done with spring term which means summertime finally!   A summertime that includes him in the picture instead of always at class or work that is.  So we will be hitting 7 peaks tonight (thank you $20 pass of all passes christmas gift) and I may or may not be booking every second of our time for the next 6 weeks with all manner of summertime water parks, early morning hikes, outdoor concerts, zoo visits, rodeos, farmers markets and the like.  and of course biking.  so. much. biking.

I helped  a neighbor move a few weeks ago who was moving on after BYU to graduate school, and I was fully prepped to feel jealous and with I was in their shoes, but was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t.  Originally our plan was to be moving out of Provo around this time, off to medical school in a different state, starting the next phase in our lives–a phase that I’ve been really excited for for a long time and I really thought that I’d be so done with Provo by now (6 years!  I’ve lived here for 6 years!) but unexpectedly– the longer I’m here, the more I love Provo.  What’s not to love?  (haters,  don’t answer that) I can definitely be just fine living in Mt. Timp’s shadow for one more year.

peace out and happy Monday


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