Sundays–take notes

Yesterday (well, Sunday was yesterday when I started this post) was the kind of Sunday that every Sunday should be.   All of the other Sundays should listen up, take notes, and try their very hardest to follow the perfect example they’ve been given. It’s wonderfulness stemmed mainly from Tanner not having to work.  He’s been scheduled a lot on Sunday’s lately (I hate it) and when he does have one off it’s usually because we have a family dinner or event to attend up in Kaysville.  And though I can’t complain about having big awesome families who are close enough to spend Sunday dinners with –oh, I live for relaxing Sunday’s at home with my family when we have nowhere to be.

We ate popsicles in bed.  We went to church to sing hymns, take the sacrament, and to worship God.  We took pre-church AND post-church naps.  Glory glory Hallelujah.  I even got time to sit alone in peace and quiet and finish reading a book.

We took a walk around the neighborhood discussing what is probably our all-time favorite topic:  the house we dream of building someday.  There is an old and beautiful 2 1/2 story blue victorian on 2nd north that we walk past and admire, nodding our heads–yes, yes, yes.  We want that and that and that and more.  Tall and skinny, no basement, big bay windows, charm galore, towering trees.  We want a wrap-around porch, lots of deck space, an orchard, garden, and chickens in the back.  We could talk about it for days and days. Give us a decade or two to get there–there are many pennies to be saved.

June means a brass band performing in the park on Sunday evenings.  Let’s pause here for a minute–brass band evening in the park–doesn’t that just sound good??  Like, sound in your soul like that’s the kind of thing that people are meant to be spending their time doing?  Like, if you are attending brass band concerts in the park, you are just living your life right.  right?  Right.  It was cool, shady, green, and nice.  really nice.

Camryn only stayed in this stationary recline for about .5 seconds before wandering off, necessitating a follower parent.  But still-it was nice.






Later there was the roasting of s’mores in a neighbors backyard, accompanied by peach cobbler.  I don’t even like cobbler, but this neighbor knows a thing or two about proper cobbler proportions being heavy on the cobbler, low on the fruit and it was delicious.  Bravo Mandy, bravo.

It’s hard to just enjoy such a Sunday for itself, rather than spending the whole day wishing they could all be this way.  I know that there are many Sunday’s in my future (and holidays for that matter) that Tanner will be working.  Remember his new orderly job?  He’ll be on call from 7 in the p.m. to 7 in the a.m. on the 4th of July.   People still injure themselves on the Sabbath and holidays, unfortunately. So I guess I need to just need to appreciate the ones like this, as few and far between as they may be.

So later, Sunday,  it’s been real.


3 thoughts on “Sundays–take notes

  1. Mine and Justin’s favorite topic of discussion is also dreaming up our future home that we will build. In fact we went on a drive on Sunday and parked on our lot and talked about everything we want (for the hundreth time) and where it would all go. It’s funny how something that is a good 5-10 years in the future can make you so gosh darn happy and excited. I think it’s refreshing and good for our hearts to discuss goals and dreams like this often. I hope one day you are able to get your victorian style house, and that I am able to get my farmhouse. That is all =)

    • your lot? does that mean you already know where your house is going? I’m glad it makes you as happy as it makes us! I love that you want a farmhouse. Do you ever look at some of the really rich fancy houses people build and think “you have enough money that you could have built anything and you built THAT?? I would hate living there” happens to us all the time.

      • Ya, as long as everything goes accordingly, we have a couple acre lot on the farm. And YES about the fancy houses of rich people! I guess the plus side of them building super ugly houses is 1. it will hopefully make mine look even cuter and 2. it gives us something to laugh about

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