30 good {may} things

I bet you all love how you never know if I’m going to pump out 7 blog posts in a week–or one.  I like to mix it up.   So, 30 good things–March petered to an early end, April was skipped altogether, but for May, I’m back in full swing!  Without further ado:

1~ Hobble Creek Canyon.  holy moly.

2~ clean bed sheets

3~ baby shorts

4~ wearing a new shirt

5~ Oregon.  Just thinking about Oregon makes me happy

6~spring storms

7~ meaningful compliments

8~ sleeping with the windows open

9~ The new Murdock Canal trail.  yay!

10~ watching my little baby walk down the sidewalk, all wobbly with zombie arms–JOY

11~Even more roadtrip time with Tanner (impromptu day trip to Rexburg, ID)

12~ my mother grandmothers, and all of those mothers that came before us

13~ being outside in the morning

14~ the Timpanogos Cyclery employees being so nice

15~  Kings of Leon pandora station

16~ pancakes for dinner

17~ getting a package in the mail

18~ creative juices

19~ How green Provo’s mountains are this spring

20~ riding our scooter

21~addressing envelopes

22~ Tanner getting a new job

23~ a cuddly snuggly baby even if it is because she’s sick

24~ I realized I’ve been very blessed to be happy, content and occupied alone mosts nights while Tanner is working.  As opposed to depressed, bored, feeling sorry for myself that my husband is at work every night.

25~ the smell of home depot

26~ buying flowers

27~ weekly date night.  best idea of my life to start making this a thing.

28~ going to bowling league with my husband to fill in for one of his buddies and getting the best score out of everyone.  love that.

29~ the canyon the day after a rainstorm

30~  This NY times article kind of made my day.  Weird topic, I know, but I really appreciate a well written, entertaining, and thought provoking article.  They just feel so good.  I need my Atlantic Monthly subscription back.

31~ giving DI a carload of my possessions/junk/unwanteds.  Getting rid of stuff is so strangely empowering.

~Onward to June~


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