Memorial Day

Is there anything more beautiful than the cemetery on a perfect spring Memorial Day?

I’ve always had a thing for cemeteries:  I think they are stunningly beautiful (in a not at all morbid or creepy way).   I always point them out on roadtrips, love passing them in tiny towns, and include them on my running routes whenever possible (you know, back when I used to run more than 5 miles/year).  I’ve never actually been to visit one on Memorial Day, but I passed the Provo Cemetery on my bike ride yesterday and it absolutely took my breath away.  All the deeply rich green grass, vivid color-pops of flowers, with the backdrop of the Wasatch mountains.  Mmm. . . pretty.  I couldn’t believe how many flowers there were.  Kudos to all of you honoring your dead.  I dragged my little family there for a quick stop-by on the way to a (larger) family party.

I’m tempted to go walk though there all this week on our stroller-walks.  Is that disrespectful?  I just really appreciate the beauty of a flower-filled cemetery.

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day!

IMG_4048 IMG_4045 IMG_4051 IMG_4042 IMG_4049


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