7 quick takes

Linking up with Jen at conversion diary for 7 quick takes

1.  I can’t stop eating.  Biking this much has proven to leave me more ferociously hungry than either gestation or lactation (I almost said combined, but let’s not get carried away–I was one starving pregnant lady)  We may need to double the grocery budget for the next few months.

2.  We had a positively lovely family picnic in the park today, which proved to be the boost I needed between Nap Avoidance Battle Royale #1 (morning nap) and Nap Avoidance Battle Royale #2 (afternoon nap) It took quite a concerted effort to convince Tanner that our picnic would be more fun outside than just eating in Subway because in his words “it’s a trillion degrees out here”  (the high today was 75) but I guess that’s just part of being Mrs. Staples.  We always set up our blanket half in the shade, half in the sun so that I can enjoy it, and so he doesn’t die of heatstroke/complain the whole time that he’s dying of heat stroke.  It’s a nice compromise.

3.  pictures of the picnic  IMG_4011 IMG_4013 IMG_4014

that’s ice in her lap

IMG_4031I’m not in any of the pictures because I’ve fallen into the role of mom who is always the one taking the pictures so is never in any of the pictures unless she hands dad the camera and says “here, take my picture”  meaning even when she IS in the pictures, it’s always awkward and overly posed. That role.  

4.  The mountains in Provo are really green and out of control beautiful these days and there is a long sappy romantic love letter in the works from me to Mount Timpanogos, so you can look forward to that.   Here’s a photo that doesn’t do those green mountains any kind of justice:


5.  Tanner got a job as an orderly in the hospital!  Which is awesome and really hard to get since there are (it feels like) fleets and verifiable armies of ambitious medical student wannabies (wannabe’s?  wannabe plural?) in this city vying for such positions so they can brag about them on their med school applications.  It’s part time 24 hrs/wk, so he’ll still work at Outback a couple nights a week, but this is good news!

6.  When he got home from work late last night, Tanner heard a too-long perfectly fascinating story from me about how we went to the park and ran into Stephanie who was watching Mandy’s kid and we had to hurry and leave when Kara called me, and in our hurry we lost a little sandle and couldn’t find the sandle anywhere, but it’s because Stephanie found it and left it at Mandy’s house for us. . . .blah blah blah and then I got hear an equally long and just as fascinating explanation from Tanner about server hierarchy and section rotations in a restaurant.  And the point of this whole take is me wondering have we really gotten this boring this young?

7.  Tomorrow (which is almost today)  I’m part of a giveaway on Camppatton and I’m pretty excited about it. Please go enter!  and thanks for supporting my shop! (even if you never purchase anything, just telling me hey dana, your books are cool is greatly appreciated support, so thanks for those of you that do :))

happy happy friday.  May your Saturday include sleeping in and more leisure than mine probably will! (read: toddler+LOTOJA training=exhaustion)


2 thoughts on “7 quick takes

  1. Yes, we really are that boring, that young. Pretty much all we talk about every evening is school and which students made us laugh the most and which students made us the most frustrated.

    It gets old. We should have more fun.

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