riding lately

apologies in advance that this post contains an excessive use of parentheses.  it happens to me sometimes.  a lot of the time. . . also, rest assured that I actually do love biking and have been having some beautiful amazing rides.  Those ones just aren’t entertaining enough to share. 

Today was the crappiest bike ride out of all the bike rides.  (so far.  knock on wood one million times)

It was at least 90 degrees (the internet says 84, but you can’t believe everything the internet says) and I forgot my water bottle.

I was kind of in a crummy mood for no reason to begin with, and then few miles in, I jammed one of my shifters and couldn’t get out of a high gear.  I had the same problem once last summer and I knew immediately I’d have to take it in for someone smarter than me to un-jam it.  Fortunately, I was a couple miles away from Timpanogos Cyclery where I bought my bike.  I stumbled on in there and lucky me, there are really really kind people in that place that fixed me up really quick (I just realized my bike needs a name) and didn’t ridicule or roll their eyes at me even though I deserved it.  I feel like a total fool every time I go into one of these places because I have not the first inkling of knowledge on the mechanics of a bicycle or how to care for or fix one, nor do I know how to properly identify more parts of my bike than wheels, handlebars, seat, nor do I know any cycling vernacular.   But I have a really nice bike and I’m training for LOTOJA.  So I feel like a complete fraud.

Things I learned today from the nice people at Timpanogos Cyclery:

1)  It’s cross-chaining not cross-training (when you have one gear really high and the other too low, or vice versa so your chain is dragging against the shifter) and I should stop doing it.

2)  It is quite important to grease your gears–as demonstrated by repair man #1 turning my pedals and saying (you hear that loud grating squeaky noise?  that’s bad.)

after that short pit stop, I rode on in perfectly silent well-greased bliss, vowing to read a book on bike mechanics and also learn to at least confidently change out a tube and grease my own gears.

Other unfortunate happenings on my bike lately:

1)  Someone threw a water balloon at me.  !%!@&!  Out of a third story window of the Liberty Square apartments as far as I could tell.  And THEY MISSED.  Ha.  But barely.  They were close enough that it scared the living daylights out of me (and could have killed me!!  In all seriousness, COULD HAVE KILLED ME) and also may have cause me to swear loudly.

2)  Someone stuck their head out the window and screamed right as they passed me in their car just to scare me.  And it worked.   (got to love living in double college town full of immature underclassmen who do stupid, immature, and potentially harmful things for personal amusement.)

3)  That time where my biggest nightmare/greatest fear came true and the front door opened of a parked car I was passing.  so scary!! fortunately i did live.


On a totally unrelated note:  I love Kings of Leon (and really wish Pandora didn’t group them with the Killers who are infinitely inferior)

On another one, grace wrote a really awesome post today that terrified me out of my wits a little bit for medical school/residency.  (Not unlike the documentary Tanner and I watched once that followed 8 students through medical school and between the 8 of them, there were 7 divorces by the time they finished)  but that is beside the point.  I really enjoy her blog and if you are into sarcasm and hilarity, and mothers not professing perfection, you should give her a read.


One thought on “riding lately

  1. Thanks for the post and the blog link; I love finding new blogs to read especially about things I haven’t (and probably won’t) experience. Happy biking!

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