snacktime in 3 parts

Lucky you guys, I’m giving you a little video sneak peak into snack time at the Staples house.  This is what I get to do all day!  Apparently my smoothies have magical happy powers (I already knew that, but it’s nice to have the toddler affirm it)  and I promise they aren’t straight up caffeine and sugar though video #1 might give you that impression.


3 thoughts on “snacktime in 3 parts

  1. Jody Bitton says:

    Dana! Thank you SO much for posting these. Sometimes I think that Grant is way crazier than other people’s babies but this confirms that he is indeed normal. Or that they were meant for each other. Haha, she is SO cute!

    • oh good! at least one person in internetland didn’t just roll their eyes at me and think “why do parents always think other people want to watch videos of their babies??” so, thanks. oh wait, make that at least 2 people because steph said she laughed her head off at them too!

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