just some things about today

I didn’t particularly like today.

In fact, I particularly didn’t like today.

And I don’t have a bad day play by play for you but just know that Camryn skipped her second nap which nap is crucial in every way to my sanity and hers.  Also–I burned the second batch of cookies.  Why, oh WHY do I always burn the second batch of cookies??  I do it all.  the.  time.  and it’s one of those things that just makes me so unreasonably angry with myself  Like,  why can’t I do this right?  Why am I so stupid that this really really simple thing I just can’t do right? and I swear that I will learn my lesson and never do it ever again– and then I do it again.  And now my whole apartment reeks the lovely scent of charred oatmeal.  


other things that happened today:

I overheard this conversation at the park between 2 boys (age 6ish?):

boy 1:  “So, what’s your name?”

boy 2:  “Canola.  what’s your name?”

boy 1:  “Doercon.  D-O-E-R-C-O-N.  that’s how I spell it.”

??  what on earth??  At least Doercon has the smarts already to know that he’s going to have to spell it out for people.  And canola? Like the oil?  yikes. (no offense if you like those names.  I obviously, do not)

I also chatted with a fellow mom who gave birth one week ago in the parking lot of the ER because she didn’t make it there fast enough.  Her total labor and delivery time:  1.5 hours.  For her first baby it was 10.   My first labor was 5.5 hours, so my quick math tells me that if I follow the same pattern (and obviously, a sample size totaling one random woman in the park is a good measuring stick for this kind of thing)  I will have less than an hour to make it to a delivery room on my 2nd baby and heaven help me on the rest of them (legend has it, they each come faster than the one before) or I may just be having all of my babies in parking lots, cars, or my own bathtub!

A while ago (a looong while ago) I sent in a maintenance request for our windows to be cleaned, since we live on the second floor reachable only by ladder and there’s a pretty good chance our bedroom windows haven’t been cleaned since the building was built.  I lie not.  Ever since my birthday when Tanner got me a great table/work desk for bookbinding and we set it up right in front of the bedroom window, I have spent a lot of time looking out of a really dirty window (really, bird poop and all, it’s not pretty) grumbling internally about management and how annoyed I am that they won’t clean the dang things.  And today I mentioned it to my neighbor and she’s like “oh ya! they did it on Saturday”  4 days ago.  And I haven’t even noticed.  And that’s how life is sometimes.  And sorry that story was longer than it should have been.

I think Tanner taking finals makes me way more grumpy and dying for the semester to be over than finals week ever did when I was taking part in it.  I would like my husband back, pretty please.  With his cheerful disposition intact if that’s not too much to ask.


One thought on “just some things about today

  1. At least you were not judging your neighbors laundry from that window. Then you would be a real monster.

    Also, I vote that the second batch of anything is the hardest to remember because your brain has already had the closure of the first so why should it ever need to remember everything a second time around? It’s not stupid. It’s probably just science or something.

    Also, since you wrote this on the 23 I am hoping things have looked up since then!

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