hey ocean, it’s been a while

I feel like I’m breaking my own blogging rules here by posting too many pictures.  But I have all these cute pictures of my baby in the sand and what is one to do with a stockpile of such pictures if not post them on the internet?? I don’t know.

So, we went to Huntington Beach for a week!  My friend and old roommate Alissa who is from Huntington had a week-long spring break (she’s a teacher) and since BYU doesn’t believe in spring break (question marks and curses) her husband could not accompany her home for the week, but I could (me! me! pick me!)  So we planned a roadtrip, just like our good old college days.  Exceeept for there being a toddler in the backseat.  And a baby in Alissa’s belly.  And us listening to music only about 1 hour of the total drive instead of all 20 and not blasting it because of the baby.  BUT, said baby gets a gold medal and a trophy and the best roadtripper baby of the year award because she was a CHAMP.

It’s a ten hour drive and I was completely preparing for the absolute worst, since sometimes she screams for half of  our 1 hour drive to Kaysville.  I did yoga, I swore patience, I packed snacks, toys, multiple binkies, and savior of all saviors– a portable dvd player we borrowed along with about 15 baby friendly dvds.   I mapped out every rest stop from here to the coast, I found parks near exits, I googled Macdonalds with play places.  People,  I was prepared.  And the day before, we went to jiffy lube to get our oil changed and she threw a tantrum on the way back, screamed the entire way home–the entire ONE mile home.  And right then and there I thought there is no way in heaven or hell that we are making it all the way to Huntington Beach with this child.

But we did and it was a miracle.  We didn’t even let her out or use the dvd player until MESQUITE!! She even sat quietly and didn’t freak out when we stopped to replace the windshield wiper that started dragging, started flailing, and then flew completely off somewhere in the middle of the Utah desert.

We stayed with Alissa’s family who are amazing and so kind to let us stay with them, especially with a baby.

We slept, relaxed, went to the beach, walked on the pier,  saw Corrie (yay!)  saw Lyndi (yay!) (two of my other former roommates who are also from Huntington and have since moved back who I miss miss miss a lot),  had Wahoo’s maui bowls (holy cow I forget how delicious those are)  shopped for a swimsuit (which i think might get it’s own post) went running on the beach (which might also get it’s own post) walked around the neighborhoods near the beach which I can’t ever get enough of because all of the houses are amazing, had a baby shower for alissa, and hung out with Alissa’s family (did I mention they’re amazing?) (do you like my excessive use of parentheses?)

and here are the pictures because I can’t resist.  Can I just say how much joy it gave me to get to watch Camryn experience the beach and ocean for her first time?

IMG_3518 IMG_3519 IMG_3522

that belly!

IMG_3542and then she found a city of sand castles and made it her mission to destroy every one of them.  and did.
IMG_3546 IMG_3545


in and out with the beautiful corrie lady!  sorry you didn’t get a picture Alissa,  i think you were peeing again 😉


a lemonade stand! Alissa said it was the most disgusting lemonade she’s ever had (so sour) but I am obssessed with sour and loved it.  Alissa said that probably means they made it with lemons from their backyard.  I like it here.

IMG_3560 IMG_3559

baby shower

IMG_3563 with this game because alissa’s sisters are that cool. . . IMG_3568 IMG_3572

oh, i love these people.  wish this wasn’t fuzzyIMG_3573 IMG_3580

more beachIMG_3585 IMG_3583 IMG_3591 IMG_3588

and. . . my favorite picture ever.  leaving her scoot trail through the sand.

IMG_3592 Friday night we hung out and all made dinner together at Lyndi’s.  We all like each other and are having fun, i promise.  even though it reeeally doesn’t look like it.  IMG_3595 IMG_3598

that’s all, folks.


2 thoughts on “hey ocean, it’s been a while

  1. Kelsey says:

    I can’t even tell you how much I love that belly and scoot trail. And your hair! Looks as glorious as it sounded! So fun.

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