spring skiing

I have a catch up post here before I carry on with my blogging self.  Remember a couple Saturdays ago,  when Provo got a few inches of snow and you and everyone you know who thought spring had sprung spent all day cursing the heavens and saying things like “it’s almost April!  why, snow, why??”  Ya, I would have been president of that club except that I went skiing that day (yay!)  And even though we planned it and picked the date weeks in advance, (because when you have a child, taking a spontaneous ski day because you woke up and there is tons of snow is a thing of the past) I couldn’t have chosen better.

When you are a kid on Christmas, you’re always looking for the absolute biggest present you can find and hoping your name is on it, but in the past few years I’ve learned that the best presents as an adult do not come in large packages.  They come in envelopes.  And this year we got one such gift that was an IOU ski day with babysitting.   Yes and yes please.  (and even though mom wasn’t available to babysit the day we chose I am so not forgetting that detail and will be cashing it in later)

So it was myself, Tanner, and my dad, and my grandpa who joined us for half the day.  Yes, my grandpa who is 80 (count ’em–80!) years old and still skis like a champ.  I have those genes.  And I’m also hoping that next year or the year after we can take Camryn and get a 4 generational family ski photo–because in the Bramhall family we do things like that.

Sometimes, no one can see the lines in the parking lot. . . poor guy


We squeezed into the last spot and thank goodness we got back before this guy or we probably would have gotten keyed. IMG_3368

oh, hey sexyIMG_3371



And here is Tanner making fun of grandpas beaver fur skin gloves. . .


Five minutes before grandpa got back with his lunch and told Tanner that his neon green snow pants were the ugliest and most ridiculous thing he’s ever seen. . .



there’s just a little bit of a generational fashion gap going on here.  I was on Tanner’s side until I had to borrow grandpa’s sheepskin gloves (ya know, the spare in his car) for the second half of the day because my hands we freezing, and those things are FREAKING WARM and I will no longer be poking fun at grandpa wearing animals on his hands.


go grandpa!




Solitude is so underrated.  Even though it’s a great resort, has good deals, and is never crowded, I don’t know anyone who skis there and it confuses me.



and here’s an awkward group photo we took during the only 5 minutes the sun came out (check out my sheepskins)IMG_3388At the end of the day, driving down the canyon I was thinking –this is one of those insanely beautiful places that you see pictures of online or in travel magazines that make your heart leap a little bit and want so badly to go visit that place (pretend I take good pictures)  So happy I live here so close to these amazing mountains!



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