30 (ya. . . or 24) good things March

Well hi, I’m back!

Back from a lovely week in Huntington Beach which I’ll blog about later, but right now I’ll be lazier and post my 30 good things for March and tell you to pretend its not almost halfway through April and also that I didn’t fall off the bandwagon and only got to the 24th.  ok?  ok.

1) I’m grateful Tanner’s been getting better shifts and making more money at work lately

2) the opportunity to attend the Relief Society meeting with sister Burton and how good it felt

3) prayer

4)  Janae letting me borrow her stroller since 2 out of 2 of mine are out of order (one of which has since been fixed.  thanks tanner!)

5) Shirley watching Camryn so I can go on a run

6) fellow moms to talk to at the park so I don’t go adult conversation deprived crazy

7)  The Amazing Race

8)  reading in bed

9) having a dishwasher

10) another etsy sale 🙂

11)  wearing my new shoes that have been waiting until spring


13)  Sunshine again

14) the way Camryn smacks her lips for “kisses” just exactly like she’s on a welches grape juice commercial

15) left the heat off all day and it was 72 inside by the time we went to bed.  yay!

16)  I love living so close to the MOUNTAINS

17) waffles in bed from Tanner

18) maps.  i love maps.

19) compliments on my blog and etsy shop.  sooo nice to hear

20) watching the deeply focused & concentrated look on Camryn’s face as she makes piles of woodchips like it’s calculus or something

21) Mt.  Timp is so beautiful.  also, Camryn’s first steps!!

22) infant ibuprofen.  God Bless America.

23)  Ski day! with 3 of my favorite guys.  And I’m so grateful for the saints who babysat my daughter all day so that I could go (Heather and Marie.  GRACIAS)

24)  11 glorious consecutive hours of sleep.  ELEVEN.


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