Dear Husband

Dear Husband,

Whenever you get home from your study session, (at whatever ungodly hour that may be) there are creamy baked chicken taquitos waiting for you.  (I didn’t make the tex-mex rollups because I forgot to cook beans today)

You won’t believe how the maintenance guy fixed ghetto jerry-rigged our curtain rods.  He basically cut out squares of plywood and glue/screwed them onto all the ends.


So, umm, ya, it looks terrible.   But at least they won’t come crashing down anymore?  Does that give you an extra little push to study hard so that some day we don’t live here anymore?  good.

The chatty maintenance guy told me all about how he was halfway through nursing school and then dropped out because he couldn’t handle patients dying.  And remember how the exterminator who came in October went to school to be an engineer?? Just so we’re clear,  it’s not ok if I support you through med school (or even halfway) and then you change your mind and become a maintenance guy or an exterminator.  Or a snow plow guy (yes, I saw you open mouth gaping with jealousy on Saturday thinking that guy had the greatest job in the world)

After he left, we went outside and played 20 rounds of “can I make it down that driveway and into the street before mom captures me?”



And now we’re playing “throw all of mom’s delicious chicken on the floor and eat bananas and Ritz crackers for dinner instead.”  With a side of rubbing bananas in our hair.  I mean her hair.

IMG_3428 IMG_3426 IMG_3427

It’s a good time, we wish you could be here to participate.

We miss you and love you!  And one of us would reeeeally think it was awesome if you got home in time to watch Sunday’s episode of the Amazing Race.  But I understand if you’re not.  Really truly.

IMG_3432 IMG_3434

And now we’re off to bath time.  You know I’m not big on consecutive bath days, but sometimes banana smeared hair necessitates a policy exception.

oh, and I’m supposed to bring a green salad for easter dinner at your parents.  Don’t let me forget.

Say hi Harold for me 🙂



6 thoughts on “Dear Husband

  1. Funny incidents you have/had with the guys…wow on the curtain rod holders-all I can say here. Did you get all the banana out of the hair at bath time? I am glad my daughter is mostly through the throwing food on the floor stage. Your slice is funny…and made me chuckle. It brought back memories of my husbands first apartment and the crazy curtains along with the night of the freaky earwigs.

  2. margaretsmn says:

    I remember banana hair. It smells so sweet. Such a fun slice. The curtain rod thing is hilarious, but in a oh-my-god-I’m-glad-that’s-not-my-house sort of way. Precious baby! By now she probably smells of baby powder, yum.

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