reasons for spring to be here

My winter sunday wardrobe rotation of, oh,  2 dresses got old about 3 months ago

I’m ready for bike rides and running and rollerblades

I’m so excited to start using our infant hiking pack (Christmas gift from my parents) on real hikes with Camryn!

I’m also really excited to start spending most of our days at 7 peaks (waterpark) with the pass of all passes we got for Christmas from my in-laws (if it wasn’t for both sets of parents, we would never have nice things)

Remember how there are other kinds of produce besides bananas, oranges, and broccoli?  Like fresh berries and melons, and zucchini and green beans and tomatoes???  Oh my gosh, I need me some fresh homemade salsa (Our Best Bites, page 12.  make it).  I’m resolving to start buying at least some produce from the local farmers market and I can’t waaaaait to start walking there every Saturday.

I’ve needed more bookbinding glue for a while and the place I want to get it from won’t ship in the winter because the freezing temperatures ruin the glue.  bah humbug.

So ready for it not to cost me $one million/month to keep our apartment a reasonable temperature.

It’s time this cute little romper made it into Camryn’s outfit rotation.  But more importantly– I miss seeing all that baby chub!

IMG_3394 IMG_3395 IMG_3396

so squeezable, no?


For now, we’ve resorted to indoor Sunday afternoons waiting for the snow to melt and Provo to thaw and playing “drums.”  Why didn’t I think of this earlier?  She’s in a phase where she likes to bang anything she can find against anything else she can find.  Which is fine except for when it involves bodily injury to myself or other innocent unsuspecting babies.  Or the metal stairs to our apartment that echo throughout the entire complex.

Here’s to a happy Sunday evening and to wishing spring would just hurry on up around here



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