7 quick takes

Linking up with Jennifer here for 7 quick takes.

1.  I made a facebook page for my blog/etsy shop and you should go “like” it Here.  Please and thank you.

2.  I’m shopping for a swimsuit online.  what? too early?  never.  and oooh man does this activity inspire a rant and rave.  I’ll spare you an entire post and confine myself to a few sentences.  Why does online swimsuit shopping have to equal itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny porn browse?  All other reasons for not wearing those aside, I’m pretty sure about 4% of the female population looks good in them.  And that’s being generous.  Where’s the representation? And why oh why does “modest swimwear” only generate scores and scores of a) hibiscus flower covered garbage, b) nun-appropriate swimsuits reaching to elbows and knees, or c) uber boring “athletic wear” swimsuits.  Alissa, if your reading this, tell your sister that I think she should go back into business with the k line swimwear and that the suit I bought from her was my favorite that I’ve ever owned!  for style, fit, comfort, everything, I loved it!  I think if she utilized pinterest, facebook, and stuck with it longer, she’d totally do well!

exhibit A:

gen_medium (1)


3.  ya, so, it snowed today and everyone was grumpy about it, but I’m going skiing tomorrow and if it had to snow again, at least the timing was perfect.  After Saturday, winter, you have my permission to be gone.

4.  Camryn took her first steps!  cutest. thing. ever.

5.  What wasn’t the cutest thing ever is how she was up most of the night major teething, and how when I tried to nurse her for comfort she straight up bit me.  HARD.  twice.  Just exactly as if this breastfeeding thing wasn’t something we’ve been doing for the last, oh, entirety of her life, and she didn’t know what else to do with the foreign object I’d brought to her lips.  I didn’t feel quite so bad for her after that.

6.  Does anyone else have a problem with sometimes spending the entirety of their grocery budget by the 18th of the month and then trying to figure out what to eat until the 1st rolls around again?

7.  Shout out to my little sister-in-law Anne who gets her mission call next week!  We love you Anne and we can’t wait to find out where you’re going!


6 thoughts on “7 quick takes

  1. Try Lands End for a bathing shoot. They have some pretty decent styles that have been good for my post-baby body.

    Speaking of which, sorry you had a tough go of your dsughter’s feeding. I wish I had words if wisdom, but I don’t. My daughter was born with a natal tooth and therefore I bottle fed her to avoid the kind of pain you endured yesterday.

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