the little lady

This little girl is making me pretty dang happy these days.


IMG_3250 IMG_3249 IMG_3248

Here is her “i’m so proud of myself for standing up” face


Sometimes we visit dad on campus

IMG_3245 IMG_3244 IMG_3243 IMG_3242 IMG_3241 IMG_3240 IMG_3238 IMG_3237

Here we are in woodchip heaven

IMG_3236 IMG_3235 IMG_3232 IMG_3231 IMG_3230 IMG_3217 IMG_3204

And then there was that one time when I blew her mind by taking her already favorite food–graham crackers–and adding pink frosting.

IMG_3202 IMG_3201 IMG_3200




and a video link of her walking with her walker (that you should probably only watch if you are related to this child and never get to see her or are reeeeeally bored) oh, and forgive the seconds of darkness when I drop the camera:


8 thoughts on “the little lady

  1. Alison says:

    1. Now she will SCREAM any time she doesn’t have pink frosting on her cracker. You’re setting yourself up…
    2. Her scrunched up face is too cute for me to handle. By far my favorite expression of any baby.
    3. The walking Camryn looks 6 mths older than the sitting Camryn. Can’t believe this girl can walk.

  2. Kelsey says:

    Her face after the graham cracker kills me. She is the cutest ever! But you know that already! Haha yes let’s please have a play date! Next week?

  3. Ha ha! I love watching videos like that. They never get old. Also, I’m SUPER bugged that I can’t find my camera, because there are some way funny pictures on there that I want to tag you in! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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