More Yoga

well hey, since I haven’t written a single poem for about 6 years and it seems to be the thing to do among the participants of the slice of life challenge I’m participating in, here goes.

More yoga.

More breathing.

More stretching.

Less thinking frenzied, scattered, restless thoughts,

and more yoga.

More breathing.

More stretching.

Less social media, less popularity contest, less screen time, less wasted minutes.

Less guilt, offense, and doubt.

More yoga, more god, more meditation.

More of just me and my deep, calming, reaching, healing breaths.  More of just my loosening limbs.

Less of what should I be doing? And more of I’m doing it right now.

More stretching.

More breathing.

More yoga.

slice of life


12 thoughts on “More Yoga

  1. margaretsmn says:

    I would like more yoga. I haven’t been in years. I must find the time to go again. Your poem made me feel the calm. Breathe!

  2. You’re the second post I’ve read about yoga today…hmmm is this a sign I should try it? To be honest nothing new is going to be added to my calendar until after March is gone, but I’m thinking!!

  3. I’m with Amy. This poem made me feel calmer. Love your use of short and long lines, they really set the tone for the poem. Also love the repetition of “More stretching, more breathing, more yoga.” You make me want to try yoga.

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