small sunday slice of life

Tanner and I love taking naps together in the middle of the day.  For the first while of our marriage we had a 3 hour Friday late afternoon nap tradition.  I love traditions, don’t you?  By Friday, we’d have had five days jam-packed full of class, studying, and working and we were exhausted.  We would pile into our really really awesome huge bed (we love our bed) and sleep away the entire afternoon and it was lovely.  Oh, so lovely.

That tradition is beyond laughable now though. Case and point: yesterday.  We got home from church, immediately put Camryn down for a nap, and thought “hey! how about we take a nap too!”  Except that we were starving and needed lunch first.  And. . . there wasn’t much to eat, so we had to make something that required preparation (ham and cheese dinner crepes, Tanner’s specialty) and. . . most of the dishes we needed weren’t clean, so we had to clean them first.  By the time we were nice and full, had cleaned our kitchen, had changed into our sweats and gotten nice and comfy under the covers.  Ya, that’s exactly right when the baby woke up.

No nap for us.  And the next time I can see a 3 hour Friday afternoon nap happening is probably sometime around. . . hmm. . . the year 2045?

slice of life


6 thoughts on “small sunday slice of life

  1. Nap times are a wonderful thing, for everyone. It always amazed me how quickly those few precious hours zoomed by as I was trying to get stuff done while my children slept. However, all too soon it will be gone. Enjoy it while it lasts!

  2. margaretsmn says:

    It’s Sunday afternoons for me, and we used to call it “watching golf” because our neighbors would put golf on the TV and fall immediately to sleep. Naps are a precious thing. I say next time you crawl right in with the baby.

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