30 Good Things February

“There is something in each day to embrace and cherish.  There is something in each day that can bring gratitude and joy if only we will see and appreciate it.”

-President Uchtdorf

1~ Tanner home in the middle of the day

2~There’s a cool new little store on center street called Harmony and going there made my day.  Cool vintage things, pretty colors

3~Kissing Camryn’s warm puffy cheeks after a nap

4~ a stocked fridge after many days of an empty fridge

5~chocolate covered pretzels

6~the way Camryn pat, pat, pats my neck and chest with her free hand while I nurse her

7~Getting my pictures back from Carolina

8~excitement about my shop

9~ a good quality (and free!) date with my husband.  umm, the church sponsored Valentines dance.  Which was actually really fun, despite “the budget DJ”, who happened to be 80 years old, repeatedly selecting completely un-danceable not-quite-a-slow-song-but-definitely-not-a-fast-songs like California Girls from the beach boys

10~leftover pizza

11~guacamole w/chips

oreos w/peanut putter

triscuits w/cheese

good day for my tastebuds

12~ my 1st Etsy sale 🙂

13~ I’m grateful that I can eat whatever I want.  I have a lot of friends with allergies/illnesses that limit and restrict what they can eat and I’m grateful I don’t have to deal with that

14~I LOVE valentines day.  And my valentine

15~ that the ridiculous illness of this day only lasted one day

16~ So grateful for this cabin trip for one million different reasons

17~ Snow sports! snowmobiling and 4 wheeling are so fun

& napping later in from of a warm fire

18~ Camryn Laughing.  I can’t get enough

19~ that I have my own fridge and don’t have to share with 6 roommates anymore

20~ Camryn falling asleep in my arms.  It never gets old.

21~ my new workspace!  (more on this later) and a birthday date

22~ my kitchen aid

23~ Camryn ate beans!  mama victory!!

24~Being at home with my family and

Tanner getting off work today so he could be there with me

25~ the sewing part of bookbinding

26~ little tiny handprints all over my bathroom mirror

27~ curling up under a deep, heavy pile of bedding

28 ~ Camryn ate beef!  big huge iron-rich mama victory!! (Camryn is low on iron, so 23 & 28 refer to my never-ending efforts to incorporate more iron into her diet which is in vein way more often than successful)

February was great, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t grateful it’s only 28 days long and that today is March!  It’s march!  It’s like the home stretch of what is the winter marathon.

Leave a link in the comments to your own 30 good things post, or do it with me next month if you feel so inclined


2 thoughts on “30 Good Things February

  1. I love this- I read all 30 of them 🙂 And I want to do it too! There’s so much on your blog that I haven’t read. Since you switched to wordpress I didn’t know how to follow it. But I put in my email now so I can keep up!

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