President’s Day Weekend (might just be up there on my list of favorite holidays)

I probably owe Courtney Shakespear a thank you note.  And a bouquet of flowers.  And chocolate and really whatever that girl wants because I feel so indebted to her for inviting us to spend Presidents Day weekend with her and most of the coolest people I know at her (parents) cabin in Kamas.  Oh yes, those ladies are the coolest people I know.  And I’m so glad we’re still friends after SIX–yikes– years out of the old high school.  These ladies are my BFFFE as we used to say back in the days (you did it too, don’t lie) and they all happened to marry pretty cool guys that my husband loves hanging out with too which made it one party of a weekend.  And all the food and snow machines didn’t hurt one little bit either.

Just a little fun fact: 3 out of 4 of us married guys we went to high school with, making Cole the only non-Davis dart–way to represent, Cole!

IMG_3126 IMG_3125

We did lots of things.

A lot of them weren’t very safe and involved 4 wheelers and snowmobiles




I look happy in the picture, but really I SCREAMED my face off the entire time I rode on the back of this thing.  I don’t know if anything makes Tanner happier than driving way too fast through long stretches of wintery wasteland.  It’s kind of exactly his cup of tea.

IMG_3119 IMG_3124


We played lots of games.  Masters of Commerce, it’s a good one that I’d never seen before this week.  Bramhalls–you heard it from me first.  Oh, and that’s only after the explanation of Settlers of Catan bored the entire party to tears and we put it away before even starting.  Courtney:  “I feel like I’m in history class!”



we cooked (lots and lots and lots of good food)


heather juiced


Steph danced (I know you are just loving my photography.   don’t worry, there’s more)


Courtney and cole doted over Easton


Jake and jake stood around looking bad-A


we tubed (which is really funny because to the people on the 4 wheeler pulling you, it looks like your’e going reeeally slow, but on the tube you feel like you’re going to die and may or may not be screaming really dramatically and looking like a fool)



we protected our babies from the elements. . . kind ofIMG_3176IMG_3175

and let me tell you something about the menfolk and their machines.  they are in complete heaven.  They love to rev those engines and drive too fast and there is just something in their bones that make them feel manly beyond reason when they are on those things.  And giddy like a little boy at the same time.  As far as I’ve observed, Tanner has a particular brand of maniacal laughter that is reserved specifically for when he’s driving a snowmobile or a jetski



I took some pretty good lookin family portraits. . .



and we did a lot of restin’ and relaxin’

(oh and one missed nap that ruined my life for 16 hours but we won’t talk about that)



oh and the part where tanner had a love affair with this chair


and how Heather makes cute faces every time I point my camera at her



and. . . some group photos even though it make the guys roll their eyes


I love you guys!


That’s the end.  It felt amazing to be away from home for a few days, have a change of scenery, and experience the parts of winter that are awesome and not miserable.  I love hanging out with these people.  Though I kind of feel like I barely got a chance to say hello and like I need to call each of them and catch up still.  Wierd?  It’s probably Camryn’s fault for needing so much dang attention all the time.

I hope your weekend was just as stellar.  Now lets get over this winter thing, yes?


2 thoughts on “President’s Day Weekend (might just be up there on my list of favorite holidays)

  1. Ha ha I love that that nap ruined your life for 16 hours, but my husband and I (and dare I say *everyone* else except for the parents) loved that we got so many waking hours with that little cutie! I guess it might have been a different story had we “slept” in the same room as her the night following the missed nap. 🙂 But I’m glad you blogged about this! I haven’t felt up for blogging for obvious reasons, so I’m glad you did. I already want to go back!

  2. ya, I don’t think anyone who hasn’t been a full time parent can truly understand the tragedy that is a missed nap. It’s the only 1-2 hours of the day that you don’t have to devote every ounce of your attention to them and it’s such a low blow when that is taken from you! and yes, the night following was miserable

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