7 quick takes

I’m linking up with this blogger Jen (who to be honest I don’t read so much as I read Grace) who does these 7 quick take linkups.

1– We’ll start off with my most important item of business–glory hallelujah–Camryn didn’t poop in the tub last night.  Which in case you want to be really grossed out and also feel really sorry for me, is the first time in 2 solid months.  so.  big fat bleach-and-rubber-gloves-free victory for me.

2–do people with children just get used to paying library fines for damaged books, or is that just me?  First there was the whole leaving a stroller full of picture books outside in the sprinklers incident, and then yesterday the little lady ripped the cover clean off of my current paperback read The Book Thief.

3– I made these

.  IMG_3114 IMG_3115


My friend Mandy is teaching me embroidery.  She had this cute etsy shop where she sells her hoops and I’m learning to make some too.  Mostly I want to use it to embroider pieces that I’ll then turning into notebook covers but I’m doing a few hoops as well.

4–Camryn finally figured out that she doesn’t have to stay on her back and just fall asleep when I put her down for a nap.  Instead she can sit up, or even stand up, which of course is not conducive to sleeping and is turning out to be a very undesirable development.  very undesirable.

5–I have a headache.  I think because I keep staying up too late since, as mentioned in my last post, post bedtime is my only time to do anything no involving camryn and also because i want to see tanner after work.  But holy cow, I am feeling the sleep deprivation.  I can already hear my 8-months-ago and 8-years-in-the-future self laughing at me saying “you don’t know anything about sleep deprivation”  but still. . . even though it’s self inflicted at this point, I’m feeling it.

6–I am now an official reviewer for BYU’s Children’s Book and Play Review (thanks Lauren!).  It’s an online journal where they publish, obviously, children’s book reviews.  I suspect it’s not something that scores of peoples read, but I’m excited.  It will keep me in the practice of writing something semi-professional, will be great for resumes and/or applications when the time comes or need arises and will give me an excuse to shamelessly read Children’s literature, which I love.  If you have any recommendations, please throw them my way!  They can be anything from picture books to young adult.  Oh, and I’ve been told that I will occasionally receive free books, online access to advance copies of books (i.e. not yet available to the general public) and access to a super secret special room in the library that contains similar materials.  Which makes me geek out just a tiny little bit.

7.  So so so excited for this weekend!!  It took its sweet time getting here, but let me tell you around here we are READY for it.


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