that one time I went to the gym

Remember how I’m really awesome at always exercising?   ya. . . winters where I don’t ski or have access to a yoga/zumba/kickboxing class kind of throw that out the window apparently.  I went to the gym this weekend and had a big fat humbling workout (first one in *ahem* 2 months?)  you know, that workout where you set out to lift the same # of pounds as you “normally” lift and have to move it down a notch.  and then another one.  and then crap, this is just embarrassing.  And then how you get on a tricep machine and you’re thinking “do i even have triceps??  because I can’t even kind of lift this.”  And then there’s that one machine that you can’t even do five reps on the lowest setting.   (ok shoulder press, you win.) And here I was thinking that carrying this 20 pound (almost walking but not there yet) baby around everywhere was probably helping me out in the muscle category.  Not so, Dana.  Not so.


2 thoughts on “that one time I went to the gym

  1. that’s because it is children of the 30lb variety are the REAL challenge, but I guess 20lbs is still pretty impressive … 😉

    Also you have inspired me to go do some crunches. Hoo-raw!

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