photos of the little lady

My brain is fried on writing helping with Tanner’s essay applications.  I must must must write something not so freeeaking formal. So indulge me while I be really not formal and write run on sentences and use works like freaking because a blog post allows that kind of thing.  Or maybe I’ll just skip out on writing altogether and post a million pictures of Camryn per Madeleine’s request.

I kind of can’t get enough of these pictures of her “eating” in her high chair.  Maybe because it brings out every single possible facial expression.  This girl is full of emotion at mealtime!

why eat it when I can smear it all over my face instead?



you tube.  or alternate:  dad is so much more fun than mom



Excuse me while I grow 4 inches to tall for my pants


ya, not really sure what’s going on here. . .


IMG_3038 IMG_3039

1 yr shots.  Took them like a champ.  This girl is fearless.

IMG_3040 IMG_3043 IMG_3042

Aaaaand and video.  Because her scoot is kiiiiinda cute.


4 thoughts on “photos of the little lady

  1. Ha ha! I LOVE Camryn! Ps… Do you call your sister Madeleine because she decided to actually start going by that, or because you’re still trying to convince her to go by that? Ha ha either way, I think it’s cute!

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