When You Give a Utahn a Coupon. . .

Tanner came home from his Saturday lunch shift at Outback very, uh, discouraged.  Like the feeling murderous and had lost all faith in humanity variety of discouraged.  When he had recovered enough to talk about it, turns out there was a coupon available for this weekend–buy one lunch entree, get one free.  Oh boy.  If you’ve served or worked in retail or anything of the like, you know coupon days are the days all the cheapskates come out of the woodwork.  He had table after table after table order 1) waters 2) the cheapest steaks they sell, and then 3)  leave little or no tip.  Tab after tab coming to a grand total of $11 and all sorts of crazies complaining about stupid technicalities of the coupon.  Like: why is it only up to $10?  Why can’t I get the $20 steak free?  Why is it the least expensive of the 2 entrees we order that is free?  Accompanied by full fledged family debates over whether or not they should even stay and eat here since the only reason they came was because of the coupon and  the coupon is turning out not to be so great.  And then there are just your regular, run of the mill jerks who are just plain mean (and impatient) to servers no matter what.

Oh, couponing Utahns.  Saving a dime is all well and good, but have a heart.  Don’t pat yourself on the back all smug-like for being thrifty, frugal, economical, or whatever you want to call it by squeezing every last free drop you can out of the establishment and then leaving a terrible tip for the server.  You’re not the only one pressed for cash these days–the restaurant is trying to do well and so is your server.  I think sometimes it’s so easy to be a jerk to employees and forget they are people too.  Even when something’s unfair or not going as you would like, or is more expensive than you would like, remember to be kind and treat people like human beings.  (retail, anyone?  call centers?)

And, just in case this will help out any servers in the world, I will reiterate my rule #3 of tipping:  USING A COUPON DOESN’T MEAN THAT YOU TIP BASED ONLY ON THE AMOUNT YOU HAD TO PAY!!  You should tip based on the amount your food would have cost you without the coupons.   (my rules list)

Some of us are trying to make rent here.  And mostly I just feel really really bad for my husband.


2 thoughts on “When You Give a Utahn a Coupon. . .

  1. Sadie says:

    I think I sometimes fall into the “ridiculously frugal” category, too. I’m with you on this, though! Not everything in life is for free.

  2. I waited tables for so long. It is probably the single most disheartening job an individual could have. People take out their bad day on their poor server. We always, ALWAYS leave a good tip on the rare occasion that we go out. Even if my food is undercooked and/or nasty, I am always polite about it and never blame the server. Poor Tanner. Tell him to not lose hope.

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