30 good things

Well hey, so I had this really original, super unique idea that I’m positively sure no one has ever thought of before that I would start a gratitude/one line a day notebook.  I’ve thought of doing it before but never really stuck with it, so I thought a good motivation and reminder to do it daily would be to post the list on my blog every month.  I also thought it might help motivate and encourage others to do the same thing.  I have a notebook that for a long time I’ve written down things that I love, that make me happy, “counting my blessings” if you will, but I really have liked trying hard to do it on the daily.  Instead of just the really good things that are obvious and easy to notice, it makes me dig a little deeper.  Miracle of all miracles, I think it really does make me happier on the really down days to have to stretch and look and think “Ok, today was pretty terrible but what happened that was good?”  It’s encouraging to realize there’s always something.  In fact, there are always many things.  Having this habit of seeking out specifically some good thing to write down, makes me see those good things more readily, and gives me reason to linger on them, enjoy them, soak them in a little bit and feel grateful.

So, if any of you already do this, or would like to start, do it for February and when I post my list next month you can link yours up too!


(A lot of days have multiple items.  I’m apparently just bursting with gratitude.)

1~my in-laws.  I really do have amazing in-laws



3~the person who returned my coat!  (at the wedding I attended on the 2nd, I hung my coat on the guest coat rack and it was gone when I came back and I was reeeeally sad because a) i love that coat and b) it’s my only non-ski coat.  Someone called the next day and had just mistaken it for their own)

lazy days with my husband

4~ hanging out with old friends

5~ friends that help you even when it’s inconvenient

also, my husband making it back alive from his mountaineering expedition

6~ Grandpa Burkes prayer (I kind of love hearing old people pray.  That might sound weird but I think it’s awesome listening to them address God.  It’s like they’ve lived so long that they are well practiced and comfortable in prayer.  By now, they’ve dealt with their trials and their doubts, and they may have thanked God for the same things 100 million times, but they just sound like they really really mean it.)

7~holding sleeping newborn babies (such a joyful thing, no?)

8~for access to friendly, competent, educated dental care and for insurance that helps me afford it.  Oh, and for local anesthesia.

9~fresh flowers in my apartment in the middle of winter (which I may or may not have told my husband to buy for me after having a crappy day at the dentist.  Much better than just wishing he could read my mind.)

10~a working heater

11~ the fact that we are renters and the dripping ceiling is someone else’s problem

12~the opportunity to SKI

13~people at church who incessantly compliment my child (if she could understand what they were saying she’d be oh so very vain by now.)

14~making new friends who I have a ton in common with and who break up the day and whose house is warmer than mine

15~my husband telling me to please stay awake because it completely makes his day when I’m still awake when he gets home from work

16~getting excited for projects

17~Really awesome friends–Bristyl is home from the middle east. yay!

18~days when I get to go to sleep with Tanner (I absolutely hate going to bed alone.)

19~a clean car

20~I’m grateful that yesterday is OVER

days when i get to sleep in while Tanner takes Camryn @ 6 a.m.

my bishop

frosting cupcakes

21~for the rare night that I get to rock and sing my baby to sleep without her squirming away

22~Sweet words from my husband

23~ My little baby turning 1!

Heather finding my wallet (see how me loosing everything makes for opportunities to be grateful?)

24~grateful that I’ve been able to breastfeed this long

25~ Motivation from the Etsy workshop.  It was fun! Grateful to Karleigh for teaching it and glad Mandy could come with me.

26~plenty of time out of the house on my own this weekend

27~Good things to look forward to (trip to Courtney’s cabin and roadtrip to Huntington Beach!  Absolutely can. not. wait.)

28~whoever folded my laundry at the laundromat

every last bit of sunshine and blue sky that graced us with it’s presence today

29~ beautiful snow

30~learning to embroider


4 thoughts on “30 good things

  1. I really like this idea. I just might join you next month =) Oh, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who tells their husband to buy them flowers. Totally guilty of that last week haha.

    • ya, when he asked if there was anything he could do to cheer me up and I thought “flowers!” i decided to just tell him what I wanted instead of crossing my fingers. I”m glad I’m not the only one!

  2. Umm hi… you stole this from me (I told you about it when you wrote about new year resolutions…) who stole it from Henry B. Eyring, so sorry… it’s not original. 🙂 But it is a great idea! We’ve been doing it all month! 🙂

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