Only in Provo

Someone folded my laundry today at the laundromat.  An anonymous good samaritan someone.  Creepy?  Yes.  Kind of awesome?  Also, yes.  Normally, I’d lean a whole lot closer to the creepy end of that spectrum, but if you’ve seen me at the Wash Hut lately, you’d probably fold my laundry anonymously too.

I probably look like a big ridiculous mess–making 3 trips in and out the door before I even start a load, hauling overflowing laundry baskets on one hip and a baby on the other, and opening the door with. . . which hand?  who knows, it’s kind of a magic trick.  Once inside, I kind of push the baskets around with my foot while lugging Camryn around (because the place probably doesn’t have the cleanest of floors for her to scoot around on).  I’m lasting about two weeks between laundry days which in single-student land is amateur, but in married-with-a-baby land is quite a feat and yields a lot of wash.  Once the triple loaders have been loaded, it is toddler entertaining time complete with throwing in the air, walking practice (killer on your back) and spinning in the laundry basket until it’s time to switch to the dryers.  And by the time the dryers are running there is no way on heaven or earth that Camryn is lasting until they are done so we trek the whole production home for lunch, crossing our fingers that all our clothes don’t get stolen while we’re gone.

Well, obviously today some kind soul was watching this whole thing thinking that lady needs help. (is it that obvious?)


When I came back for my clothes 2 hours later,  my colors were neatly folded (seriously, way neatly) and stacked in one of those wheely basket contraptions which was resting in front of the dryer still filled with my whites (read: underwear/garments) which they had not folded (at least they were creepy in a tactful sort of way right?).  Not only that, but the shirts  that needed ironing were hung up, there was a dollar bill between the stacks which looked like it had been through the dryer which they did not steal and I have a habit of being cheap and not putting enough quarters in the dryer and returning to still damp loads that need another quarter or two, so chances are they provided extra quarters.

Again, I was a little bit confused/weirded out, but mostly really really really grateful (and amused).  So here I am sending a big fat THANK YOU out onto the internet that they will probably never see.  But just in case–thank you.


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