a wintry mix of precipitation


You can thank weather.com for that lovely title phrase.  I guess they feel like if they need to predict misery, the least they can do is do it poetically?  Who can even start a blog post these days without ranting about how the weather is being such a jerk lately?? Not I.  And not many others either, apparently.  If you feel so inclined to spend some time wallowing in the bad weather blogging blues, do let me direct you: here  (Nat the Fat Rat on being bored icicles with cabin fever), here (my friend Lane on wishing and waiting for warm summer evenings), here (my friend Mandy on dementors breeding in her backyard), (dana, what’s with all the alliterations??  don’t know.  sorry)  here (Nat the Fat Rat again really just really hating on January) here (last one, promise, my friend Mary on -2 degree morning walks to school and how they suck all the motivation out of your soul)

See, my favorite thing about blogging is that you get to peek into other peoples lives realtime and see that you’re not in it alone.  If you are depressed silly by the weather, you know you’re in good company.  Oh, and you also have other people  to remind you to look on the bright side like Steph here (on how the bitter cold is refreshingly crisp) and Sam here (on how blizzards make her heart glow with happiness) and my pre-end-of-January and still participating in fun winter sports self here –though with a phrase like “refreshingly crisp” I think Steph might possibly just be in denial, am I right?

It’s possible I read too many blogs.

A few people have mentioned to me or asked me lately if it was ok to link to my blog/mention me on their blog or things like that but they didn’t know if it was ok because some people are weird about that/only write their blog for sisters, grandmas, and old roommates.  I just want to say in a hopefully not awkwardly self promoting way that I’m definitely ok with anyone who reads my blog doing that.  If you like a post or know someone who might like my blog, by all means, share it, link it, or whatever.  I write here because I like having an avenue to write where people will actually read and respond, and the more readers the merrier.  And that’s all my business for the day.  Have a lovely rest of your weekend all.


2 thoughts on “a wintry mix of precipitation

  1. Hard to ignore the weather around here! Totally dictates my life haha. I miss you, and have wanted to recommend your blog before actually, but I never know how people feel about that so I didn’t 😦 But good to know!

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