Pining for spring and other things

What do you do when your baby who already has a ridiculously early bedtime of 7 p.m. falls into an exhausted, nursing induced slumber at 6 p.m.?  No one will ever convince me that waking a sleeping baby is a good idea for any reason, so. . . we’re just going to cross our fingers and see how this one turns out.  Midnight might find me feeding her dinner.

I don’t have much to say today.  Be warned.

Forget everything I said two posts ago about not complaining about winter because I’m about to hypocritically turn on every word.  I am so over winter!!!  It is so bloody blasted cold!!  Could we please please please just break 30 degrees?  I can’t remember a winter where everything was so permanently frozen without even the occasional day of above freezing temperatures to melt a thing or two.  Do you think my obsessive viewings of the 10 day forecast will make it get warmer faster?Even if I’m willing to brave the cold for a walk, Camryn is not too fond of the bumpy ride that is a result of the folks who don’t shovel their sidewalks and now have several inches of frozen solid packed-down-by-sporadically-foot-printed snow.   Can that just please please melt??

Saturday I had what you might call a breakdown (as close as I come), resulting from a perfect storm of  having not left the house much in the last few days, having little prospect of leaving the house for the next few days, not exactly wanting to leave the house because of way way too many frigidly cold days in a row, and a teething Camryn who didn’t want to eat, didn’t want to sleep, and mostly just wanted to whine whine whine to mom all the live long day.  Also, the fact that I had mentally dreamed up a Tanner-filled day without consulting Tanner, and was sorely disappointed to realize he had a date with the anatomy lab for most of the day. I at least got to spend all late afternoon/evening with him, which definitely didn’t have anything to do with me calling incessantly and sending multiple crazy-woman texts telling him he simply must come home immediately or I might loose my mind.  (a-hem.)  So.  part of that night included us going through a car wash and I won’t even tell you how embarrassingly long it’s been, but our little pontiac vibe deserved an apology and some much needed TLC.  We took it through the wash and accidentally drove too fast through the blow dryer part leaving our car covered in water, which obviously immediately turned into a thin,  glaze-like layer of ice.   Which actually made it look really shiny and ridiculously clean as we proceeded to drive around town ridiculing all of our fellow Provo citizens with despicably filthy cars.  Come on people, pull it together.

Tonight I am feeling the comfort food like never before.  I started with hot chocolate, learned all about properly caramelizing onions while making a wannabe version of this grilled cheese sandwich, and now I’m dying waiting for my breadmaker (that I LOVE) to finish making me bread so that I can eat it with my leftover Wisconsin Cauliflower soup.  (I spend my nights compensating for all the calories I miss during the day when Camryn doesn’t want me to eat).  Apologies to my pinterest friends who were inundated with gourmet grilled cheese recipes, but I think I decided that’s what I want for dinner everyday until April.  I’m going to do some experimenting.  (And when I am rich, I think my fridge is going to be well stocked with about 10 different varieties of cheese at all times.)

Until next time, may you be warmer and less cabin fevery than myself.


5 thoughts on “Pining for spring and other things

  1. Katy Barnes says:

    I am so with you on all of the above, but mostly wishing for spring (mostly because we can’t afford to go snowboarding right now) and the 10 cheeses at all times thing. I will have to stalk your pinterest and get some of those grilled cheese recipes.

  2. Alison says:

    I’m becoming more convinced that you need to settle down somewhere south of Utah. Dallas was a beautiful 72 on Sunday and we’re in the 70’s several days this week. I’m definitely soaking it in 🙂 Hang in there!

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