no days like snow days

hello everyone, I think I just switched to WordPress.  Blogger and I had a pretty good thing going (maybe just an okay thing) but I decided to end things.  She (he?) just made things so hard sometimes and I just really feel like I need to be with a blogging platform that understands my needs, ya know?  I’m still not totally convinced this is permanent (do I really have to pay extra for them to let me change my font size??  why can’t I add an etsy mini widget?)  but overall, I think this is a step up.  I was changing my blog name & url anyway to match my new etsy shop and figured I’d lose/confuse a lot of readers with that anyway, so I figured I’d do it all at once.   So, I have an etsy shop now!  It’s been live for a few weeks and I was going to wait until I had more items to make a big grand announcement about the whole thing, but now you know.

and now I shall carry on blogging

We’ve been lucky enough lately to enjoy lots and lots of snow!  And if you know anything about me, I do not want to be inside if it’s been snowing.  I hear a lot of complaining about Provo winters and I can sympathize with only about 2% of those complaints.  Ya, it’s freezing and kinda gray, and pretty dreary looking–but the snow is beautiful!!  And we’ve got these beyond gorgeous, literally in our backyard, up in our face mountains, and so what’s there to complain about?  If you hate cold and snow and all snow sports you should probably just move.

I was watching the news during the last huge snow storm and they were talking about Utah’s ski industry and reported that about 25% of utahns reported going skiing or snowboarding at  least one time in the last 2 years.  I think they were bragging, but I thought, is that all?  I’d like to take a moment to encourage anyone in that other 75% to learn now!! because you don’t know what you’re missing.  And it might help you not be depressed for 6 months out of the year.

Tanner and I went snowshoeing one day (thank you Mandy for watching camryn :)) and I was kicking myself for forgetting the camera.  It was so beautiful and the snow was insanely deep.   (If expense is your reason for not learning to ski, go rent snowshoes.  They’re only $9/day at BYU outdoors unlimited and Rock Canyon is literally 2 minutes from campus.)  The next morning, the snowshoes weren’t due til 11 so we decided to take Camryn for a little while and I’m telling you this girl is a regular little snow bunny, her parents daughter.  She was literally giggling the whole time.

IMG_2857 IMG_2859 IMG_2860 IMG_2861

The week before that, on New Years Day, we spent the day sledding with Tanner’s family in Bountiful

IMG_2888 IMG_2890 IMG_2891 IMG_2893 IMG_2887 IMG_2885 IMG_2883 IMG_2880 IMG_2878

After the kiddy hill, Tanner and I went to the Jr. High that pretty much has the most elaborate sledding operation I’ve ever seen.   There’s like two corner to corner bowls, so multiple hills and honestly hundreds of people there.  4 days after a big storm, so I can’t even imagine what it looked like on a snow day.  This has never happened to me before sledding, but I was genuinely afraid to go down the hill.  It was long, icy and steep and the flimsy piece of plastic we were holding was not instilling any confidence.  I kind of miss my fearless days, but there is no question they are over.  Extreme sports scare me now.  Maybe it’s the scar I have on my head reminding me of my last wakeboarding excursion?  I don’t know, but I did go down the hill.  4 times.  and I did live.


And then, on Tanner’s birthday, we got to go skiing!  (are you beginning to think I don’t wear anything but that coat??) For my first time in 2 years since I was pregnant/nursing a newborn last season and couldn’t go.  And if you’re still with me on this looooong post that’s not actually that long, but just looks so long with all the pictures, I have a few enlightened thoughts on this whole skiing/not skiing thing.  I’ve been a skier since before I can remember and I LOVE everything about it.  It’s a big part of who I am.  In high school, I always had season passes, sometimes going every week or two, sometimes more, and I’ve taken a lot of pride in my love of the sport.  I’ll go until the very end of the day even if I’m exhausted and frozen just because my pride won’t let me give up early.  I’d rearrange my schedule to go, skip class, brave questionable roads, put other things on hold, just because I want as many hours of my life as possible to be spent doing this thing that I love.  I am not a fair weather skier.  The term never made sense to me, because the “worse” the weather, the better the snow–if you’re skiing through a blizzard, you’ll have fresh snow every run, and it’s exciting and magical and WORTH IT!!  A piece of my heart has always wanted to be one of those ski bums at ski resorts who get to be on the slopes EVERY DAY that ski instruct in the winters and river guide in the summers and really (just really) are living the life.

Since high school, the number of ski days I’ve been able to take has dropped (low funds, busy schedule, lack of transportation, responsibilities, blah blah) but I’ve always been able to go at least a handful of times every season.  Until I was pregnant and couldn’t go.  And now I have a child and it’s so much harder and more complicated to go!  Funds are even lower, and there is babysitting to be arranged, etc., and it’s kind of been a hit to my ego a little bit.  Being a skier is part of what makes me me, part of what makes me feel adventurous, cool, and exciting, and not being able to go (and not to mention my skills majorly deteriorating,  I used to be kind of good) made me feel like I’d lost that.  That I wasn’t taking proper advantage of the beautiful place I live in, that I wasn’t living life to it’s fullest extent.  Something like that.  I’ve always sworn I would make it a priority in my life and that I wouldn’t give it up like my mom did.  (She used to be a ski instructor and my grandpa always says “a beautiful skier”, but 6 kids later and I think I’ve only see her ski a couple times in my life.)  I still hold to that, I will never give it up or cease to make it a point to get up there, but I’ve gained some perspective.

Part of being a mom is sacrificing.  A big part actually.  In exchange for the freedom of skiing long and often, I have Camryn.  You can’t enjoy everything, all of the time, you have to pick and choose, and if I’m going to be a mother of multiple children that’s going to mean many years of pregnancy and nursing and no skiing.  And years after that when things are just too busy.  We’re going to move somewhere for medical school, and move somewhere else for residency, and sometimes skiing just isn’t going to happen for me.   What I realized is that instead of being down about it I should just live up every single moment of the days when I do go.

I got this quote from Eat, Pray, Love:   “It’s something like the habit of my dear friend Susan who, whenever she sees a beautiful place exclaims in near panic, “it’s so beautiful here!  I want to come back here someday!”  And it takes all of my persuasive powers to try to convince her that she is already here.”  I completely do that when I ski.  I think over and over all day “I want to come back here!  I want to ski all the time!  It’s such a shame that I don’t,  it’s really too bad that this is here all the time and I am not”  and it poisons the day a little bit.  It makes it less than it could be if I was just content with this day, today,  that my stars aligned and I am on a mountain.  So I decided to just love it and not worry that I wasn’t winning any technique awards, that my turns were wide and slow, that we only had a half day, or that I don’t go “enough.”  Instead I just completely loved it and was grateful for one ski day with my husband.

IMG_2938 IMG_2942 IMG_2939


2 thoughts on “no days like snow days

  1. I must admit, I am so incredibly jealous of all the snow you guys got dumped on with – it’s so beautiful! I don’t even live in Utah anymore, but I get so sick of hearing all my Utah fb friends complaining about the cold and snow.. I agree wholeheartedly; if you don’t like it than move and quit complaining about it cause I’m sick of hearing it haha.

    P.S. I tried to go to your old blog last week and it said it didn’t exist anymore and I seriously had a panic attack. So glad you’re still blogging =)

  2. Alissa Prestwich says:

    Love all these pictures! Also, this post made me think of freshman year when you arranged your classes so you didn’t have school on Fridays and you went skiing every week with Francie and almost died driving up that icy canyon road! Dana, baby or not, you will always be a skier in my mind 🙂

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